Tracking the weather can be fun

I’ve recently gotten into tracking different weather phenomenon especially since moving to Northern Virginia.  We’ve enjoyed four real seasons here, but sometimes the weather is different just in our little neighborhood than it is about 5 miles away…

I chalk this up to the mountains to our west.  They seem to create a little micro environment where snow and thunderstorms thrive.

Do you enjoy tracking the weather where you live?  This is a small weather station by Oregon Scientific that could be a start into this wonderful hobby for you and the family… check it out.

41% OFF Oregon Secintific Backyard Pro Wireless Weather Station w/ Weather Sensor – $49.99 at, ends 1/26

If you guys are into the new Smart Home controls, has tons of this stuff at great prices.  I’m considering the wifi camera doorbell button!  Click below to see what they have available…

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