Starting with the motor

I’ve introduced you all to the new project truck and we knew the first thing that had to happen was the engine needed an overhaul.  So we’ve pulled the engine, got it on an engine stand in the shop and have started the disassembly process.

got it out!
got it out!

We used an engine hoist and now the engine has been transferred to an engine stand.

We had a cheap load balancer on this pull and it helped to get the engine over the front core support
We had a cheap load balancer on this pull and it helped to get the engine over the front core support

I’m taking my time and really looking this engine over as I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about where my antifreeze was disappearing to!  As with most engines the head gaskets can over time begin to leak and this can allow coolant to seep, or to be sucked, into the nearby cylinders.  These leaks can be large or small, but cause several tale tale signs to happen when the engine runs.

For the 1 year I’ve owned the ’67 F100 pickup, I’ve noticed how the right tail pipe will smoke more than the left (they were both smoking some (blue smoke), but the right one (passenger side in the US) was really smoking worse and it was a white smoke sometimes like thick condensation smoke that you see in cooler weather from most car’s exhaust pipes.

In addition there was the constant need to refill the radiator; often adding a pint or so of fluid at  at time to return the level back to full.  Lastly, the top radiator hose would balloon up and get super tight as if it were under tremendous pressure.  I know the radiator cap would let the pressure go if it got too bad, but what was happening was the cylinder was pumping steam into the water jacket of the engine via the leaking head gasket and this steam was ballooning up the top hose.  I often would grab the lower hose during these times and the bottom hose was only warm to the touch.  I think the radiator will have to be reworked as well and may not have been flowing perfectly.

All this leads to a busted head gasket!  So in this video, I try to capture some footage of the various tear-down steps to see those heads, the gaskets and the block surfaces where they all come together.  I discover a few more things in the process…. let’s just say it was a good time for this engine to come out for some much needed attention.  Check it out and stay tuned for the next video where we continue the process.  Take care, Clay



Finally some Camping!

Was dark when we got it all installed
Was dark when we got it all installed
Starting to close it up
Starting to close it up

Getting out of town y’all – We are about to head out for a camping trip which will be in some ways original for us.  Testing out new gear is part of our whole purpose at TexasKnowhow and this will be a memorable one.

I’ve always wanted a Roof Top Tent (RTT) and finally we’ve managed to get one – it took a significant Birthday to trigger such a spend, but man am I happy! 😉  We’ve bought a RTT by ARB from our friends at Cruiser Outfitters in Utah.  Kurt and the guys there were happy to help, fast with the order and had our items coming to us with 24 hours of me contacting them!  That’s service guys…  If you have any off road equipment needs or specialty equipment you’ve been interested in checking out, you need to call Kurt Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.54.20 AM

I’ll be posting several videos on my youtube channel and link them here in a few days.  We’ve got plenty of footage of the unpacking, vehicle prep, install and demonstrating the opening and setup as well as the closing and make-ready for the road of this tent system.

More to come!  -Clay



Fall Mornings are Nice

I used to sleep in on Saturdays (sometimes till 10:00 am!), but as I’ve gotten older and had a few kiddos I actually look forward to a quiet morning to see outside turn from dark to light.  I see it a lot on the way to work, but I mean here at the house or out on our property.  It can be very relaxing and make you really thankful for what is right here in front of you.  The ultimate high def experience right before you in complete surround sound to boot!  This weekend, the humidity was high and the night was really wet, but without actual rain.  The view through the trees looking East was really spectacular as the sunlight started to waken all the plants and animals from a long night’s slumber.  This was my view looking East-North East from our little country road.

photoThe picture doesn’t even do it justice, but you get the idea.  I’m able to think really well on these mornings and I find I even get inspired to do all my Saturday “Honey-dos”!  Of course I have to have a good ol’ cup of joe to make it complete.  So next time you are considering sleeping in, think of the opportunities you may miss outside early in the morning.  After all, you can make it up with a mid day nap on Sunday!



1967 Ford F100 Truck

I’m starting a new series on my Youtube Channel – 1967 F100 restoration.

Loading it up with cord wood.
Loading it up with cord wood.

This series should be fun and very informative at the same time. If you’ve ever restored a vehicle or you are currently restoring one, you will understand the love hate relationship you can have with these projects…. Mostly love, but man sometimes you can grow to hate a particular part of the rebuild process… for me, it’s sourcing all the correct parts. I used to have fun in the various junk yards around Greenville, Tx; searching through the isles of trucks and cars until I found the approximate vintage vehicles to pilfer through. Looking for those obscure parts that were broken or missing on my latest “masterpiece to be”.
Now-a-days the junk yards that you can still walk freely around in are called something like, “Pick-a-part” or “Pick-ur-parts” and you have to sign a waiver and almost give blood to get back there… But there are still some parts that can be found.
I’m currently post processing my first intro video of the project and should be linking it in here in the next day or so. I plan to do a lot to the truck, like making it an everyday driver; safer, okay on milage, nice driving manners, a good stance, a refreshed motor and drive line and lastly the interior and body mods needed to make it mine.
For the engine, the truck came with the original (VIN matching) FE big block in the 352 ci size.  I plan to keep this engine, but I’ve already discovered that the engine is drinking coolant; so that means a head gasket or cracked head. So I’ve recently obtained a donor motor – a 1962 390 FE. The heads are the same model heads as the ones on my 352, so I’ve already got them refreshed at the local machine shop. 3-angle grind on the valves, .010 off the face of the heads to true them up, painted flat black (for now), sitting in my shop ready to go on the engine.

More to come… stay tuned. Clay

My Website explains more…

For a few years I’ve been posting videos on Youtube and really enjoyed getting to know some of you via the comments, but now I”ve got this website up and running and hope to elevate the level of sharing and commentary for what we are all so happy to be doing – working on cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs and shooting, cleaning and learning about firearms.  I really hope this doesn’t just turn into a secondary place where I go to copy the same things I’ve placed on my Youtube channel.  I want the deeper discussions, the challenges that true enthusiast will put out there when they feel something could be done better or in a different way that would make the mod last longer or keep the vehicle safer, etc.

I look forward to this website becoming something we all enjoy and frequent during the week or weekends.  Thanks again to all the subscribers of my Youtube channel, I really appreciate you guys!

Take Care, Clay

High atop the casino building in Singapore
High atop Rockefeller Tower in NYC

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