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One of my most popular videos is this one – Fixing common oil leaks on the 80S Land Cruiser’s 24 valve straight 6 engine. ┬áThe front crank seal, oil pump cover and distributor all begin to leak over time and can be fixed with some work and a little know how. ­čśë

I also did a three part series on my stereo and speaker replacement for the 80S Land Cruiser – Those videos are here:

Another popular mod that we Land Cruiser folks make to these 80S vehicles is to install a manual Diff-lock switch. ┬áThis allows you to lock your front-to-rear differential when in Hi gear on the transfer case. ┬áThis, along with a mod called “the pin7 mod” in the ih8mud crowd will give you complete control of the center diff lock. ┬áCheck out that mod here:

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  1. I like your videos many thanks for post them …. I have a toyota equal to yours, and I’ll do the same adaptation you did of of the sound system…

  2. A question on the speakers you installed in the front doors. I have a 96 FJ80 and do not have but a 1/4 inch clearance between the the speaker cover and the dash when the door is closed. When you close your doors do your speakers get pushed into the door panel against the window guide rail inside the door? I really like your videos and the quality of work you do. You are a testament to made in America quality.

    1. Hi John, it works man, I still have a solid 1/8″ clearance on the doors and use the truck everyday. After a year, no sign of hitting the dash with the speaker grills. Remember the inner ring is recessed in the door metal so it really doesn’t add. Then we are screwing the speakers to the door on top of the door panel which compresses the soft door panel material some as well. It all stacks up and works perfect the way I show doing it. Thanks for the question, I’m sure other have thought the same things…

    1. Appreciate you checking in with me Mark. That’s awesome that you got the ’94. You won’t regret it. I’ll keep the videos coming as I can and please pass on the site to other LC owners! Take care, Clay

  3. Clay very informative videos. I have a 95 80 series LC that I leave in Montana and use it in the fall guiding. I just ordered the same radio and speakers you used. Could you send me the inside and outside diameters for your spacer rings for the front and back speakers, that way I can make them here and take them to the lodge this fall. Also the green wire in the video for the delayed ground to the radio what did you come up with?

    1. I think I posted the ID and OD of the rings in the description of one of the videos; possibly video 3. The ID is custom to the speakers you are using, but if you use the same as mine I could try to find the measurement. It’s better to just get the speakers ahead of your trip to Montana and determine the correct ID first hand off the speakers themselves or from a cutout template that usually comes with the speakers. For the wire, I ended up wiring it to a switch which in turn connected to a ground (screw in metal under the dash). When the DVD players starts complaining about not having the brake set, I just flip the switch!

  4. Thx clay found some 3/8 inch PVC sheets on eBay and I have already ordered the speakers and radio so I will use them to determine the od/id for the spacer rings.

  5. Clay,
    Great job on your 80 series Land Cruiser videos. I have a ’97 with a power steering leak. Any experience in this area on yours? Seems kinda difficult to get to. Not sure if it is just a hose or a bigger problem. I have a 1999 4Runner as well. Both are great vehicles. I’ve done some maintenance using your videos. What a great help. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

    1. The next thing I need to fix (and film) is a power steering leak on my ’96… crazy that is what is going on with you too… haha. I think I may have a leak above the power steering pump that is really the engine oil though. I get the drip off the bottom bolt of the Power Steering pump, but it’s brown oil, not red. I’ve replaced the o-ring between the pump and the engine with no improvement; but you may want to try this. It’s really easy to replace, I filmed it, but haven’t published that video yet. The hoses can definately start to leak over time if your drips are of the red oil type. My advice is to clean it all up very well and get someone in the vehicle to start it up. Start watching for signs of oil and where they are coming from, then if nothing, get them to turn the front wheels side to side to add pressure. Another trick I’ve learned is to place a new sheet of a cardboard box under there after I arrive home from work. When you go back out in a few hours, there will probably be a drip on the cardboard. Look straight up from the drip and see if you see the source location. Stay in touch with what you find and thanks for reaching out man, Clay

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