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Happy New Year guys!  The work on the truck is continuing through the winter months; I’ve got the rear suspension very close and the motor can be put back together while staying warm in the shop.  Some shots of the rear spring restoration:

Spring laid out to sand blast
spring packs taken apart before media blast

After media blasting the leafs look a ton better although pitted considerably due to 50 years of weather and moisture.

After media blast

Time for paint prep:

I used POR’s “degreaser” and “Metal Prep” with blow dry sessions between each step

For final paint on these I chose the POR 15 Gloss Black.  These leaf packs will be primarily out of the sun, but you may want to do a top coat afterwards that has a UV protectant.  These POR15 paints are great at stopping the rusting process, but do fade and milky in color in the sun.

POR15 coating

Above, you can see that where the top coat of paint had run under-neath to the other side, the second coat looked very shiny, but where the second coat (back side showing) was on bare metal, it was more flat in finish… weird.  I had to do another coat on this back side to get the right and consistent finish.

Next is putting all this back on the truck…  Take care guys, Clay

Update on the Truck guys.  I’ve decided to finish the bottom of the cab as well as the interior of the cab to like new.  This will rid the truck of 90% of it’s rust with only the small bit of rust in the front of the bed floor left (I can get that when I finish the bed).  I recently worked on the truck in some awesome December weather where I was able to push the truck out into the yard beside my shop and sand blast the bottom of the cab.  We simply unbolted it from the frame (after it was gutted of everything) and tilted it back on the frame revealing the bottom.  Sandblasting uncovered a little more rust and damage than I had first expected, but it’s not that bad.

Post sandblasting and with a nice coat of Epoxy Primer
Post sandblasting and with a nice coat of Epoxy Primer


Let the cutting and welding begin!  I’ll give a couple of updates along the way where I’m cutting and welding in patch panels.  Stay tuned!


I’ve started a series now on my Youtube channel for the ’67 F100 restoration and modifications.  This video picks up where the front clip is now off the truck and I’m removing the old twin I-beam suspension.



I’ll be adding my videos of the 1967 F100 Pickup truck restoration to this dedicated “Ford Truck” page.  The videos start with the introduction to this project and the truck.  A walk around and notes about the condition, originality and options on the truck.

This past weekend we went to a little car show and had a lot of fun.  The folks were very nice and interested in my truck.  Many of the folks there had experience rebuilding and restoring these trucks so the conversations were many.  I’ll be going back – they meet up every Saturday night weather permitting.  My wife was following me back home after dark and snapped this photo – Me and my youngest son.  I thought it was a good pic… 🙂 IMG_3832

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  1. I have been following your video series on the F-100 truck with interest. I have a 1970 F-100 myself and have been working on it for the past three years. My truck is mostly stock but I did replace the original 302 engine with a later model 5.0 engine from a 1988 mustang. I removed all the fuel injection stuff and put on an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and a Summit 600 cfm carburetor. I also installed a Pertronix distributor for reliable ignition. I run dual exhaust with a cross over pipe to balance out the flow a little better. The next thing I plan to do is to convert the front drum brakes to disc using spindles from a 73 or 74 F-100. Well that’s about it for now, keep the videos coming on the Crown Vic front end as I’m very interested in that, as well as everything you do to your F-100.

    1. Jerry, thanks for the comments and for checking out my page… I’ve been bad about getting more info here on my blog and need to get some time back into it. I will keep the videos coming on the F100 restoration. Just made the decision to pull the cab all the way off so I can sand blast the bottom and get the floor pans replaced. Also allows me to completely restore the frame vs. jus the front and back leaving the middle not done… Take care!

  2. looking for video #9 is it out yet, working on my 65 f-100, just got it running after it sitting in a field for 16 years. keep up the good work love the videos.

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