Favorite hand tools – a new series

Guys, how many of you have a few hand tools that ALWAYS live up to your expectations?  I have some and they never let me down, not in the rain, snow, hot summer or when I’m in a hurry and don’t use them exactly as intended.

One such tool is my air gauge.  I use it to check pressures in all our tires; from our 3 SUVs to the 4-wheeler to our trailers, bikes and even to thinks like a two-wheel dolly and our portable generator. So many of my things have wheels and with those wheels – TIRES.

Invest in one of these and you won’t be disappointed.  This Accu-Gage has been a steady high performing tool for years for me and I have it in my lifted Land Cruiser at all times.

Click the picture to check it out on Amazon, this thing is selling for under $20 with the protective rubber cover.  This cover wasn’t on my original Accu-Gage, but I think it is a great addition to protect it from the occasional drop on hard concrete or a rock.

I’ll be posting up my favorite tools weekly, so check back often!

Take care guys! Clay

2 thoughts on “Favorite hand tools – a new series”

  1. Hi Clay,
    I’m following your project of replacing my fj80 radio with the same pioneer you used. My question is what is the wiring adapter you used and also the instruction book you where using to guide you on splicing the wires? If you can send this info to me I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the video and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Sam, I got that adaptor wire harness at Best Buy and it was for a wide range of Toyota vehicles… I think there were only a few and the 1993-1997 LCs were in the list on the package if I recall right. I don’t have the part number any more. Also check on the video description notes and also in the dialog on that first movie in the stereo series; I think I may have got all that info for someone else and posted in a reply. The guide was with the harness. Sorry I’m not much more help, I got better at documenting all the critical part numbers as I got better with my videos… Best of luck with the install. Let me know if you need the rings for the front speakers, I sell them as a kit now. Take Care, Clay

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