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Favorite hand tools – a new series

Guys, how many of you have a few hand tools that ALWAYS live up to your expectations?  I have some and they never let me down, not in the rain, snow, hot summer or when I’m in a hurry and don’t use them exactly as intended.

One such tool is my air gauge.  I use it to check pressures in all our tires; from our 3 SUVs to the 4-wheeler to our trailers, bikes and even to thinks like a two-wheel dolly and our portable generator. So many of my things have wheels and with those wheels – TIRES.

Invest in one of these and you won’t be disappointed.  This Accu-Gage has been a steady high performing tool for years for me and I have it in my lifted Land Cruiser at all times.

Click the picture to check it out on Amazon, this thing is selling for under $20 with the protective rubber cover.  This cover wasn’t on my original Accu-Gage, but I think it is a great addition to protect it from the occasional drop on hard concrete or a rock.

I’ll be posting up my favorite tools weekly, so check back often!

Take care guys! Clay

Finally some Camping!

Was dark when we got it all installed
Was dark when we got it all installed
Starting to close it up
Starting to close it up

Getting out of town y’all – We are about to head out for a camping trip which will be in some ways original for us.  Testing out new gear is part of our whole purpose at TexasKnowhow and this will be a memorable one.

I’ve always wanted a Roof Top Tent (RTT) and finally we’ve managed to get one – it took a significant Birthday to trigger such a spend, but man am I happy! 😉  We’ve bought a RTT by ARB from our friends at Cruiser Outfitters in Utah.  Kurt and the guys there were happy to help, fast with the order and had our items coming to us with 24 hours of me contacting them!  That’s service guys…  If you have any off road equipment needs or specialty equipment you’ve been interested in checking out, you need to call Kurt Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.54.20 AM

I’ll be posting several videos on my youtube channel and link them here in a few days.  We’ve got plenty of footage of the unpacking, vehicle prep, install and demonstrating the opening and setup as well as the closing and make-ready for the road of this tent system.

More to come!  -Clay