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The sky can change your attitude…

Sunrise in VA
Sunrise in VA

Often on the drive to work, I see the best sunrises ever.  Frequent clouds and different levels of moisture create some beautiful views as the sun comes up.

New GoPro Hero4 Silver

I’ve had a standard definition GoPro since probably summer of 2011 when the company first produced a digital version.  Their first small cameras actually used film!  My little GoPro didn’t get too much use because about the same time, everything else was going High Def (HD) so I purchased a Sony cam corder that was about the size of the palm of my hand and shot awesome footage.

My Old Standard Def GoPro Hero

But now, I’m all about the GoPro again.  The company has done a ton of development and has gained customer base in just about all the sports and crazy things folks do around this globe.  Yes, there are several competitors out there including Sony who has a very small and capable wearable camera.

Sony’s little camera

Once the GoPro guys were able to capture 2.7K HD and do it at 60 fps, I had to take a look.  This coupled with the pretty much unlimited supply of mounting options (all my old mounts would work with this new camera too), I was in.

I used some Health Points from a work program and turned them into a Amazon Gift Card worth $200.00, combined that with $139.00 and I had a GoPro Hero 4 Silver on the way with Prime 2-day shipping to boot!  Sweet!

The newer GoPros have a LED back panel for viewing the shot live and also replaying existing footage and also for the menus. It’s a touch screen. Very handy

There will be many more post as I learn the ins and outs of this little gem, but I’ll leave you with this quick video of a winter sun-set in northern VA.  Until next time, take care all!  – Clay

Fall Mornings are Nice

I used to sleep in on Saturdays (sometimes till 10:00 am!), but as I’ve gotten older and had a few kiddos I actually look forward to a quiet morning to see outside turn from dark to light.  I see it a lot on the way to work, but I mean here at the house or out on our property.  It can be very relaxing and make you really thankful for what is right here in front of you.  The ultimate high def experience right before you in complete surround sound to boot!  This weekend, the humidity was high and the night was really wet, but without actual rain.  The view through the trees looking East was really spectacular as the sunlight started to waken all the plants and animals from a long night’s slumber.  This was my view looking East-North East from our little country road.

photoThe picture doesn’t even do it justice, but you get the idea.  I’m able to think really well on these mornings and I find I even get inspired to do all my Saturday “Honey-dos”!  Of course I have to have a good ol’ cup of joe to make it complete.  So next time you are considering sleeping in, think of the opportunities you may miss outside early in the morning.  After all, you can make it up with a mid day nap on Sunday!