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My name is Clay and I’m a Texan who tries to impart his life time of  “knowhow” to all who would like to learn it or help me get better at it.  I thought of this title for my Blog and Youtube channel (can click above to go there) while talking to some friends about fixing my vehicles.  I’ve always fixed my own vehicles and I’ve owned a bunch of them in my life.  I started out young with a 1963 Ford F100 Pickup Truck with the rare Unibody which was my parents garden truck.  It hauled everything from manure to seeds to tons of firewood while I was a young kid growing up in North Texas.  The truck was 15 years old, the odometer had rolled (at least once) and it was solid with little rust and a Straight Six that would start up every time!

As I grew tall enough to reach the peddles, my dad taught me how to move it up a little while spreading manure or dirt, or turn it around in the pasture or drive it to the corner of here or there… just a little at first then finally on the road.  We lived down a private neighborhood road and technically I could drive there without a license so, I did!

By the time I was 14, I was busy replacing the straight six engine with a small block Ford 302 out of a junk yard Mercury Cougar.  I took the engine and C4 tranny out of that cougar and got it running in the pickup over the summer.  This taught me a little about cutting & welding, sand blasting, prepping and painting and some limited wiring of vehicles.   When I turned 15 (on the day) I was at the courthouse downtown getting a “hardship” license, which was possible then if both parents worked and you were involved in sports or after school activities.  This is Texas, you know I was playing Football y’all.

I eventually sold the ’63 F100 Unibody truck to a guy who still owns it today (last I had heard).  I wish I had it back, the unibodies are rare for sure and it had never been wrecked!

Next was a ’67 Mustang, another truck (’70 C10 short bed), then a camaro, throw a couple of motorcycles in there when I was 18 and worked in a Suzuki Shop and so on and so on all the way through college.  Rebuilding, modifying and hot rodding them all.  At last count, I think I’ve owned, modified and driven with a big smile about 26 or so vehicles.

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I purchased a 80 Series (1996) Land Cruiser – Love it.

1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

I’ve baselined the truck and made a few modifications thus far, but there is a lot of work to go on this truck to make it the ultimate off road 4×4 adventure seeker. So far I have videos of fixing some familiar/common oil leaks on the engine:

80S Land Cruiser Oil Leak fix

I’ve done some work on the fuel system, adding a diff lock switch, changing the front and rear disk brakes and changing out the stock stereo and speakers to aftermarket units.  I have a lot to go, keep checking here for more updates in the Land Cruiser tab.  I’m “Texasknowhow” on the ih8mud forum as well.

Another Hobby of mine is firearms.  I’ve had firearms all my life as well and was raise correctly understanding and respecting firearms (all of them).  My father taught my brother and I well; how to unload, check safety, break down and clean, etc all our guns.  We hunted everything from rabbits, to Dove to Duck to Deer while growing up.  I was always taught if you shoot it, you eat it.  So we respected wildlife and only took what we would clean and eat (except for an occasional copper-head, water moccasin  or other venomous snake).

So now, when I get a new firearm or accessory I’m almost always going to run the gun through it’s paces and make a video for my channel.  I also review and show you guys my old firearms – the ones handed down to me from my father and grandfathers.  Old guns rock.

I’ll add more to this bio from time to time, but you get the idea, Texasknowhow is a blog, channel on youtube and basically a place you can check in and comment on the things we all love.  Blessings to you and your families, Clay

Pistol review and field strip demo for the Kimber Solo
Pistol review and field strip demo for the Kimber Solo

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