Sometimes it’s the little things…

Guys, I’ve been rebuilding the junkyard 2000 Explorer Rearend for my ’67 F100 build and I’ve ran into a hiccup.  This little part is frozen up on both sides and I can’t find it anywhere online or at stores…


These are the little levers that are pulled on when the e-brake cable is pulled tight.  They expand the two parking brake shoes inside the disk brake rotor thus holding the axle.

These little guys are supposed to pivot at the rivet you see holding them together, but mine are very (I repeat very) hard to move.  I can get them to move if I put one end in a bench vise and hit the other piece with a hammer, but that is the only way to make them budge.

I can’t see any part numbers on them and haven’t been able to find them anywhere online….  Any thoughts or help?

Lastly, I’ve soaked them overnight in penetrating oil, rust inhibitor and oil.  Nothing is working.

One more close up: