Turning 200K milestone on the Land Cruiser

I finally saw one of my vehicles hit 200,000 miles!  This Land Cruiser keeps on ticking folks…  love it.  Check the video of the event here:

Turning 200K


1967 Ford F100 Truck

I’m starting a new series on my Youtube Channel – 1967 F100 restoration.

Loading it up with cord wood.
Loading it up with cord wood.

This series should be fun and very informative at the same time. If you’ve ever restored a vehicle or you are currently restoring one, you will understand the love hate relationship you can have with these projects…. Mostly love, but man sometimes you can grow to hate a particular part of the rebuild process… for me, it’s sourcing all the correct parts. I used to have fun in the various junk yards around Greenville, Tx; searching through the isles of trucks and cars until I found the approximate vintage vehicles to pilfer through. Looking for those obscure parts that were broken or missing on my latest “masterpiece to be”.
Now-a-days the junk yards that you can still walk freely around in are called something like, “Pick-a-part” or “Pick-ur-parts” and you have to sign a waiver and almost give blood to get back there… But there are still some parts that can be found.
I’m currently post processing my first intro video of the project and should be linking it in here in the next day or so. I plan to do a lot to the truck, like making it an everyday driver; safer, okay on milage, nice driving manners, a good stance, a refreshed motor and drive line and lastly the interior and body mods needed to make it mine.
For the engine, the truck came with the original (VIN matching) FE big block in the 352 ci size.  I plan to keep this engine, but I’ve already discovered that the engine is drinking coolant; so that means a head gasket or cracked head. So I’ve recently obtained a donor motor – a 1962 390 FE. The heads are the same model heads as the ones on my 352, so I’ve already got them refreshed at the local machine shop. 3-angle grind on the valves, .010 off the face of the heads to true them up, painted flat black (for now), sitting in my shop ready to go on the engine.

More to come… stay tuned. Clay

My Website explains more…

For a few years I’ve been posting videos on Youtube and really enjoyed getting to know some of you via the comments, but now I”ve got this website up and running and hope to elevate the level of sharing and commentary for what we are all so happy to be doing – working on cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs and shooting, cleaning and learning about firearms.  I really hope this doesn’t just turn into a secondary place where I go to copy the same things I’ve placed on my Youtube channel.  I want the deeper discussions, the challenges that true enthusiast will put out there when they feel something could be done better or in a different way that would make the mod last longer or keep the vehicle safer, etc.

I look forward to this website becoming something we all enjoy and frequent during the week or weekends.  Thanks again to all the subscribers of my Youtube channel, I really appreciate you guys!

Take Care, Clay

High atop the casino building in Singapore
High atop Rockefeller Tower in NYC